Saturday, 15 June 2013

How to Make .docx the Default Format of Libreoffice

I have been pretty much an open minded person when it comes to software. And after using various versions of Windows over 15 years, I can say for sure that there are tons of reasons why anyone should look beyond Windows for a similar experience if not better.

I am proud of my new found interest for Linux powered operating systems, especially Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Apart from the fact that they are free, I think most of them come preloaded with great open source software at least my favorite two distros do. And Linux powered operating systems aren’t far behind in terms of productivity thanks to productivity software like Libreoffice.

Libreoffice is an open source office suit which is popular for the Microsoft Office like experience that it can give. It supports almost all current platforms including Mac. It has a word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation program, graphics program, data base management program and math program. Libreoffice supports a wide range of formats.

By default, Libreoffice saves a document in its native format that is ODF. This can cause a problem to people who do cross-platform work. The popular .docx format is definitely a better alternative for cross-platform uses. The process is fairly simple and involves selecting a few options.

Open Libreoffice and click Tools.

Libreoffice tools

Libreoffice options

Select Options and go to Load/Save. Under Load/Save select General. Change the save as option to Microsoft Word 2007/2010 XML.

Libreoffice load/save

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