Monday, 7 January 2013

Laptop Scrolls Up Automatically: Reason and Solution

A laptop is pertinent to blogging as pen is for writing. It’s hard to imagine running a blog or a website without a decent laptop. I have no doubt in saying that there’s no substitute for a laptop, not even a tablet. The balanced combination of power and portability is something that you can’t get in any other device. So the next time you purchase a laptop don’t forget to buy an extended period of warranty to minimize the damage that will cause from an inevitable malfunction. 

My purpose of writing this post is to highlight a problem that I have faced recently with my laptop. When I searched it on Google, I found that it’s a common problem faced by many regardless of what brand of laptop they are using. The problem was that my laptop scrolled up automatically without me doing anything. My warranty had expired which is why my first response was to solve the problem by myself. The problem could have been worse if I hadn’t found a temporary solution online. Below I have given the diagnosis and prognosis, and the solution that followed the failure.

The reason behind the problem: malfunctioning of the keyboard.

  • The malfunctioning happened with few keys not the entire keyboard.

Possible causes behind the malfunction:

  • There’s a key retainer beneath every key, which can get dislodged or damaged due to frequent pressing.
  • Accidental spills of liquid over the keyboard.
  • A problem with the connection of the keyboard with the motherboard.
  • Dust accumulation beneath the keys.
  • Erosion of the connector.
  • A problem in the circuit or in the switches.

Know the inside of your keyboard.


In my case, the Page Up button was one of the faulty ones and had rendered my laptop useless. So I blew air underneath the button using a vacuum cleaner and shoved a piece of paper underneath it, so the button doesn’t sink in. This procedure proved to be a temporary fix, and the problem appeared only when the laptop got hot. Ultimately, I had to replace my keyboard for a permanent relief.
Laptop Keyboard Cleaner Kit
Keyboard Cleaning Kit
If you are having a similar issue with your laptop, first check whether any keys have sunken in. Pulling won’t do, the best you can do is to check with the service centre whether those keys can be replaced or not. If your laptop is old, it will be better to replace the entire keyboard.

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