Friday, 18 January 2013

How to Increase Facebook Security

For me, Facebook is something that has become an indispensable appendage of our lives. Personally I don’t know anyone of my age or younger who doesn’t have a Facebook account. It’s a parallel dimension that coincides our reality, and people live in it day in and out.

What I have noticed that people love to share their lives on a real-time basis on Facebook; real-time not in a literal sense but more like happening and to happen.  And the prerequisite mobility to accomplish this sharing task is also the reason why millions forsake security. Most users know that clicking on unsolicited links on their profile can spell doom, but what they don’t know that Facebook by default doesn’t use an HTTPS connection throughout a session, which can have serious repercussions if left unchecked.

Two most important security features of Facebook:

  • Facebook has the option that enables an HTTPS connection whenever possible, and it’s must for people who use unencrypted Wi-Fi hotspots. The reason why an HTTPS connection is important for Wi-Fi users is that the data is encrypted between the user and host in such a connection. Encrypted data gives Wi-Fi snoopers a hard time.
  • Users can set login alerts on Facebook. If set what Facebook does is that it sends an alert to the account owner whenever his/her account is accessed. Users can get the alert through an email and on their cell phones.

How to enable the above options:

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account.

Step 2: Go to settings that is situated above the Logout option.

Step 3: On the extreme left, you will find Security below General; Click on Security.

Step 4: Click on Secure Browsing and tick the box, and hit save.
Facebook secure browsing

Step 5: Click on Login Notification and check the box.
Facebook alert

You have enabled the above two options. These changes are easy to make but often neglected. 

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